How to use the Remote Help Service

Big Red Help provides instant live online computer help

This website dynamically shows you our Status i.e. when we are ready to HELP or OFFLINE.

Tip: You can instantly refresh the status by clicking on the website logo (top left)

How do I ask for help?

If you see a big red HELP button it means we are online and ready to assist you.

You have three choices to begin:

1. Telephone Us

Phone 01279 777169 and we will guide you

2. Plug in your button

If you have a BigRedHelp button plug it into your computer, wait until it lights up, hit the button (Send me a Button)

3. Click the big red HELP button on this website

Click the big red HELP button and a window will pop up asking you to:

  • Confirm your Name
  • Click the option to Agree the charges
  • then click the Submit button
  • A live chat window will open
  • Type your message in the white box along the bottom left
  • Click the red Send button - bottom right (or press the Enter key on your keyboard) to send your message. (tip: Keep it short)

Have you got control of my computer at this point?

No, if we need to take control the following will happen:

  • You will see a message in the chat window that says the operator is requesting permission to access your computer
  • Click the ACCEPT button
  • Depending on your computer and browser it should download a tiny file called NTRSupport
  • Click on it to open it (you might need to double click it)
  • You may get a warning from your computer asking whether you wish to proceed
  • You should allow it to run and wait
  • IMPORTANT - Do not move your mouse or trackpad unless asked to (as this will prevent us from having control)
  • When your cursor moves we have control
  • Keep an eye on the chat window as we may ask you questions or give you instructions

I don't see the Big Red HELP button

If you see a yellow post it note entitled OFFLINE it means either we are closed or that we are all busy.

You can click on the yellow note and a window will pop up allowing you to post us a message.

Our normal operating hours are Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5PM (UK time)

If it is indeed within our normal opening hours, you cannot see the button, and you need urgent help... Phone us on:

01279 777 169

Send me a Button

BigRedHelp Button